Components & Activities

Component 1: Participatory Market Research and Information System Development

  1. Product inventory of key partner NGOs and POs
  2. Market scanning/appraisal of shortlisted commodities including mapping of marketing initiatives of POs and NGOs at the country
  3. Supply chain analysis of chosen crop per country
  4. Focused group discussion among major crop or industry players
  5. Designing and installation of  marketing information system

Component 2:  Capacity Building

  1. Carrying out of a capacity and training needs assessment (TNA) to identify existing marketing capacity and specific training needs of local partner organizations at the pilot country level and a rapid assessment in non-pilot countries
  2. Conduct of 3 regional and 5 national/local training and 1 farmer exchange visit focusing on common marketing training needs.

Component 3: Commodity-Based Market Intermediation Mechanism

  1. Consolidation and strengthening of farmers group based on common commodity through regular forum, trainings, exchanges etc.
  2. Setting-up of marketing intermediation mechanism with appropriate organizational systems and policies
  3. Installation of effective and efficient enterprise development and management system
  4. Formulation of business plan
  5. Provision of product development support
  6. Farmers group participation in trade fairs
  7. Initial negotiation with major markets

Component 4:  Partnership Building

  1. Formation of technical working group for each of the selected priority crop / commodity towards defining market intermediation mechanism
  2. Setting-up of marketing intermediation program and services to selected commodity-based farmer groups
  3. Round table discussion/ forum among major industry players on selected priority crops

Component 5:  Policy Review and Advocacy

  1. Preparation of policy papers promoting farmers’ right and favorable and fair agricultural trade policies
  2. National consultations on farmers’ issues focusing on specific crops or commodity towards formulation of pro-small  farmer marketing policies
  3. Conduct of meetings and dialogues with concerned national and regional inter-governmental agencies (ASEAN, FAO, IFAD)
  4. Establishment of mechanisms towards improved dialogue and constructive engagement of FOs in the discussion on wider policy issues

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  1. Dlamini Sifiso Aubrey says:

    Please tell us more on how we as a unit can attend your courses on linking farmers to the markets or agribusiness courses.

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