In-country Piloting

Pilot countries are chosen based on the general criteria of presence of enterprising organized communities producing surplus and willing to engage the market, of organizations (NGOs/POs) interested and potential for market intermediation roles,  and of core stakeholders with previous experience in partnership mechanisms. In addition to the core criteria, consideration was given to  the mix of development context in the  three pilot countries which will be instructive in the expansion or  replication in other countries of varying conditions. The project recognizes that marketing realities in each country vary from one another.  In fact, it will not only be country specific but also crop/industry based. What will be drawn at the regional level are processes and learnings from the pilot  areas that are relevant to all regional participants, regardless of the product. The inputs from the pilot experiences will serve to enrich  ( being experiential-based) the more generic regional workshop themes e.g. food safety standards, quality control management, and agri marketing info systems  which are deemed crucial capacity building areas for  producer groups  in different countries.

In these three countries,  AsiaDHRRA has strong partners to work with which will be mobilized in the course of project implementation.  The mapping activity will also guide in further identifying potential core participants and service providers.

Linking up with expert groups and institution

The Technical Working Group will  be multi-sectoral and multi-agency in nature.  It will provide directional guidance to national level piloting. Other than drawing out specific expertise from this platform,  it could usher informal networking cooperations. The technical experts may also serve as resource persons in the trainings. Composed of respected authorities in their respective fields the TWG is expected to give the project cooperation credibility, especially in dealing with policy making bodies.

Information-Based Marketing Operation

A practical information system will be designed to ensure that there is efficient link between production/supply and consumption/demand. It will be developed based on an assessment of what information system exist for the selected crop or industry.  This project will exploit possibilities that the information technology could offer, especially in engaging the youth sector.  It will also be potential area for  cooperation with the business sector and other marketing information service providers.

Developing Pro-Small Farmer Marketing Mechanism

A mechanism that will facilitate effective market intermediation and shorten the supply chain between the producer and the consumer shall be designed and installed based on the result of the studies and the recommendations of various stakeholders. The mechanisms shall be stirred by small farmers and professionally managed by competent personnel.

ICT Enabled Operations

To ensure a wider benefit spread of the project, results, publications, expertise, mechanism, shall be made accessible to all through the Marketing Information system that will be hooked up  in the AsiaDHRRA website and shall be downloadable free. An Information Officer shall ensure that the info system is responsive to actual needs of (small farmers) commodity stakeholders. In-country Pilots shall be documented and published for wide circulation.

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