The participants  are primarily women and men small farmers who are members of AFA and FO partners of DHRRA members at the country level plus other groups of small farmers and stakeholders in the identified commodity or industry sector in three pilot countries namely Philippines,Cambodia and Vietnam.

The pilot sites are selected based on the following criteria:

  1. presence of enterprising organized communities producing surplus and willing to engage the market
  2. presence of organizations (NGOs/POs) interested and potential for market intermediation roles
  3. core stakeholders with previous experience in partnership mechanism

Aside from the small farmers as focal point, other important stakeholders shall be mobilized in the project  e.g. NGOs and government and intergovernmental agencies ASEAN, academe and research groups, media, business sector (traders, processors, supermarket chain, input suppliers, commodity chambers, marketing groups, etc.). These stakeholders will be part of a partnership mechanism that shall be installed as a necessary platform for coordination and closer cooperation.

One Response to Targets

  1. Carlos Lemos says:

    Dear Sir,

    We and our partners are working in about 100 villages with community development, including animal raising, family rice banks and organic fertilizer. Besides we have implemented a project on Bio sand filters and water access projects.

    How could we apply for support to the local ngos on market driven initiatives. Several of the villages are having conditions to get involved on assessing local markets for agriculture products.


    Carlos Lemos

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