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  1. Kristofer Chua says:

    We are starting up a business and we need suppliers of calamansi juice concentrate in Metro Manila. Please email me at kristofer_chua@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi, my name is Rebecca, looking for possible buyer of Calamansi Fruit, we can supply 200 sacks (30kls/sack) per month.

    if you are interested please call or text me for more info: 09217419392



  3. pgr goshen agritek says:

    Hi richard,
    We do have calamansi seedlings and are ready for transplanting,2ft im.height..we are from Laguna

  4. Pinky says:

    Hi everyone, me and my friend are interested in buying of calamansi seedlings. It will be favorable with us if it comes from Davao. Please email me at maria84fe@yahoo.com. Thank you and looking forward to have business with you!

  5. Sam Miner says:

    Hi Calvin,
    My name is Sam Miner. I’m the CEO of Sams Sourced.
    We have an order for products with Calamansi for delivery in 6mo – 18mo.
    The volume would be 100 – 300 tons / yr.
    I’d like to talk more, please email me directly at sam@samssourced.com
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.


    • Jess Zambrano says:

      Hi Sam,

      I saw your message on this website that you are looking for a supplier of calamansi.

      I pleased to inform you that we are growing 1 hectare of calamansi and now its flowering stage and by a month we will harvest.

      I am looking for a tie up on this business.

      Looking forward to hear you soon.

      Thank you.


    • SLP says:

      Good day,

      I am Daisy Mala Project Development Officer of the Sustainable Livelihood Program of DSWD. We have farmer beneficiaries at Agusan del Sur that can consolidate your Calamansi demands. You can email me or contact me at this number +639493295266 dcmala.focrg@e-dswd.net. Thank you.

      • jess Ambrocio says:

        Hi to all…we have organic liquid enzyme that can protect your calamansi from pest like fungus, insect pest. I also enhances conversion of organic waste into nutrient plus it increases your harvest 30 to 50% more.
        Its 100% made of organic natural ingredients.
        We are selling it for only P150/liter. (1 liter can cover 1,000 sqm.)
        We are looking for exclusive distributor.

  6. Mark Libarnes says:


    I’m a Calamansi trader, our product origin is from Mindanao that can produce in bulk volume per week, we will be starting to harvest by this coming month of March 2014.

    Anyone interested, please send me your message in my email marq23hug@yahoo.com

    thank you
    Mark Libarnes

  7. Calvin Paclipan says:

    Hi everyone, I’m Calvin,one of the owners on a ever growing KALAMANSI fruit farms here in mindanao. Currently with more than 2,000 trees on my land and we are looking for serious buyers to the the kalamansi fruits we can harvest day in day out. Please do contact me on my email add if anyone out there interested dealing on us kalamansi farmers. We can surely supply in bulk if the deal is right.

  8. Jose says:

    Good day,

    I’m in a start-up business looking to buy freshly squeezed calamansi juice/concentrate (w/o honey). I’m looking to purchase by the gallon. Please reach me via email get.linea@gmail.com

    Thank you

    • rhuel says:

      I have mor or less 10 hectare of fully grown calamansi farm..i can supply tons of fresh fruit monthly,but yet u need concentrated juice of it,can u help me or teach how to prepare and preserved it.?

      email me:ericojpSc@gmail.com
      thank you

  9. onie lucas says:

    To all calamansi farms in Region 3 and south of Luzon
    Please email me at onie _lucas@yahoo.com or call/txt me at 09177437128 to discuss the possibility of exporting your calamansi fruits. I need continous supply all year round in big volumes. You could also call me at my office number 047 222 2360. I am from Olongapo city.
    Onie Lucas
    Fiona International

    • Calvin Paclipan says:

      Sir, will you be interested in buying KALAMANSI here in mindanao. we can surely supply you in bulk if the price is right…..

  10. Sir’s and Madam’s,

    We are offering organic fertilizers (vermicast). We can supply in volumes. Our supplies will be coming from up north in Pangasinan.

    Organic is still the best way to go. :)

    For inquiries, pls contact us at:

    (0917) 551 4665 -Josh
    (0918) 941 9014 -Nito
    or leave a message at https://www.facebook.com/coconutcreekorganicfarm

  11. SteviaFields says:

    we have a stevia farm in Pililia Rizal Philippines. It’s a 2 hec STEVIA farm and currently we can produce 6 tons of raw stevia or 8,600 liters of extracted stevia syrup. If you know someone or a company that’s looking for stevia please recommend us and you can contact us at 09063878815 or send us an email at thesweetfarm@gmail.com.

    Thank you so much.


  12. Sharon Lopez says:

    Hi. We have a small calamansi farm in Cebu. We’re looking for buyers. You may get in touch with me through my mobile num, 0922 888-4350.

    • Richard G. Leones says:

      maam have a pleasant day im just inquire if you have a calamansi na ready to plant na sya at mga magkano ang price thanks a lot and god speed..

      • pgr goshen agritek says:

        Hi richard,
        We do have calamansi seedlings and are ready for transplanting,2ft im.height..we are from Laguna

  13. Nilo Catabian says:


    I am a trader of calamansi. If you are interested, you can email me at nilomean40@gmail.com

  14. J. Villegas says:

    Here is my email address dadobat59@yahoo.com

  15. J. Villegas says:

    Hi Im a calamansi growers and I am looking to market my calamansi,
    I am adding more calamansi trees… I have now 150 trees in Bataan.

    • Ronald Lucas says:

      Please call me at 09177437128 to discuss. I need calamansi as soon as possible for export. Thanks.

    • onie lucas says:

      I am from Olongapo city, need to buy calamansi fruit for export. please send me your contact number and I will call you.

    • janneth lingad says:

      hi leave me your CONTACT INFO IM INTERESTED TO YOUR CALAMANSI please email me

    • Ferdie Gaza says:

      hi, we are a buyer of kalamansi fruit, we need at least 3 to 5 tons of it daily, we are from Laguna, Philippines, kindly email me at ferdinandgaza@yahoo.com.ph for your supply and present pricing and origin

      thank you

    • Ferdinand says:

      Good afternoon, our factory needs at least 3 to 8 tons per week, and we are located in Laguna , Philippines , kindly reply if we could buy starting next month.

      Kindly advise present cost , quantity and delivery

      Best regards,


  16. jer says:

    I am looking for a buyer of my calamansi.
    Please email me if your interested.

  17. luzyl cellan says:

    I need buyer of calamansi, the supply will came from agusan del sur, mindanao.
    please email me those who are interested close to the place where i leave…

  18. Aejyl Barrometro says:

    Hello everyone.. I have calamansi farm that can produce atlst 100-150 kilos/day.. Any1 hu is interested pls contact me through my email aejylbarrometro@yahoo.com
    I am from Isulan, Sultan Kudarat. ;) feel free to contact me. Godbless

  19. jazzy says:

    by the way, here’s my email address jas_tito@yahoo.com

  20. jazzy says:

    We have lemonsito farms in Mindanao areas and can supply bulk orders. Please reach me at my email address, we would be glad to do business with you.

  21. Katherine A. Tapay says:

    Good day to all!

    we have a calamansi farm in batangas and we can SUPPLY CALAMANSI for lower price. We prefer buyers from south or around metro manila. Please contact me if you are interested.

    Katherine A. Tapay
    09328726095 /

  22. JB says:

    Hi Dan F, I have an orchard farm of citrus and interested to do business w you. Can you share your contact details for me to reach you.

  23. Dan F says:

    Looking for Dried calamansi peel in 20 lb. quantities. Also looking for other dried citrus peels including bergamot, pomelo, yuzu, and Buddha’s hand. Pricing would be beneficial.


  24. Grace N. says:

    Hello! I’m looking for a supplier of calamansi here in the western part of the US, to make different calamansi products. Pls email me at gngfoods@yahoo.com. Thank you!

  25. Annalyn Castillano says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I have calamansi farm, I can supply by volume.. Just email me at annemorr@ymail.com or call me +63-9087024193

    Annalyn Castillano

  26. Kath says:

    Hi! We have a Calamansi Farm having off-season harvest, so if anyone is interested to get Calamansi during seasons where Calamansi is scarce, please send me an email :)

    Alimot family at your service :)

    And here is a glimpse of my father introducing his farm and how good his trees are :D
    He is also welcoming inquiries and questions for those who are interested to learn things you may not know that he may know :)

    Thank you :)

  27. JadeDemarco says:

    francisco a. penaranda- bebot from sto. nino, south cotabato, philippines

    I am interested in your pricing. Please leave some contact information or email me@nyin714@gmail.com

    Thank you so much for your responses and I will be in contact shortly. I am interested also in seedless or organic or both.

  28. RoseLee says:

    TO: francisco a. penaranda

    Do you have any contact information so I may get in touch with? Thanks!

  29. Rose Lee says:

    Do any one of you grow or know anyone who grows organic calamansi limes? Please let me know. Email: nyin714@gmail.com Thanks!

  30. Eric says:

    For calamansi needs email me at erax_30@yahoo.com.ph we do have a 15 hectares of calamansi in Batangas also have dalandan and pomelo.

    • Richard G. Leones says:

      sir eric good day ask ko lang po kung meron kayo mga calamansi na ready sya itanim at mga magkano kasi need ko lang naman mga 200 pcs na puno…thanks a lot

  31. Louella Olalia says:


    We have a four hectare calamansi farm, we can supply you with calamansi fruits. Please email me at olalialally@yahoo.com.

  32. francisco a. penaranda says:

    hello buyer…. my nickname is bebot from sto. nino, south cotabato, philippines. i have kalamansi farms which can supply the demand of buyer. i am looking buyer to my product kalamansi fresh fruits.

    thank you. waiting for your positive response.

    francisco a. penaranda, jr.

    • genies says:


      My client is looking for the supply of calamansi.
      please email your contact details, farm location, and
      your quotation/price offer for 25kilos/box.

      How much volume can you supply?

      Please reply the soonest to my email.

      Thank you

      • SARAH says:

        Hi I have calamansi farm here in Nueva Ecija. I can supply 100 bags per month. Please email me at sarah_symo@yahoo.com or contact me at my cp # 09222136760. For now my calamansi will be harvest by March. thanks

      • SARAH says:

        To Genie, May I have your email address. Thanks

      • SARAH says:


        I have a farm in nueva ecija here in the philippines that can produce 150bags per month. Kindly leave your email address so I can send my quotation. Thanks

        Hi all;
        Let me know if anyone is interested in here to buy calamansi fruit in wholesale. Email me at calamansifruit@y.c

      • Joebhy G. Santos says:

        Good Day. I am looking for a calamansi buyer in our farm. We can supply you 5 tons of calamasi/month. You can reach me thru Mobile No. +639184895834, +971503297493, or in my email address joebhy_santos@yahoo.com. Our farm is located in Esperanza Sultan Kudarat.

  33. maan says:

    hi, im a supplier of calamanci, mangoes, melon, dalandan, etc. i do business with several fruit juice companies in caloocan.
    should u need a supplier who can give u quality products in competitive prices, please send me an email at atienza_joma@yahoo.com or call/txt 09103157367. Tnx.

  34. Jade DeMarco says:

    I am interested in importing calamansi limes-actual fruit and any related products. The lime itself will be promoted in conjunction with beverage marketing. Any info would be great. Thanks!

  35. cj says:

    or call my office 823 3594

  36. cj says:


    im a calamanasi concentrate juice manufacturer and my product is available in all leading supermarkets.

    i am looking for suppliers of calamansi and dalandan fruit. i am based in paranaque and i consume tons of calamansi a week.

    i am also looking for exporters or wholesalers to distribute my product.

    please email me at squeezed4u168inc@gmail.com if you are interested.

    thank you

  37. Mr. Angelito Calilung says:

    For all your CALAMANSI needs, please e-mail me at ancal64@yahoo.com
    We have a 10 hectar plantation of Calamansi in Tarlac City, near the SCTEX exit.

  38. Shannon says:

    I’m looking for a farmer that sells kalamansi, ube, taro, eggplant or other Filipino produce in Northern California for my small cafe. I’d hope to work with such a farm exclusively for all my produce needs.

  39. Damon says:

    To whom it may concern,

    Our beverage company based in Florida is interested in using calamansi/calamondin as a flavor. Would you be willing to work with us to supply organic calamansi puree, juice, and concentrate for our products?

  40. jhun gatmaitan says:

    i need a supplier of calamansi which can provide me continues production for 3-5 years.. i need this ASAP..im from paranaque city.. u can email me at jeff_shaz@yahoo.com

  41. Marycris Yu says:

    Hi, where are you located?

    Can you give me a list of suppliers and its contact numbers/cell or email address? I need a supplier for calamansi fruit.

    Thank you. :)


    • rhuel says:

      hi maricris,

      have mor or less 10hectares of fruit bearing calamansi in southern Mindanao
      am looking for a regular buyer..am new in marketing my product,please teach me how to do selling business.


      God Bless

  42. Jepherson Judit says:

    Miss Mochinaga Celia,

    I can supply you a calamansi fruits.
    I had a calamasi farm in nueva ceija. I am looking where i can sell all my calamansi for export.

    please reply on my jepherson.judit@pgisystems.com

    Jepherson Judit
    Divisional Estimator – Fire and Gas
    Pan Gulf Industrial Systems
    Mobile – 00-966-54-426-1486 and 00-966-54-327-1607
     please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

  43. Daniel Adolfo says:

    By the way, my email add is: danjr.jovi@yahoo.com

    Hope you could provide.

    Thank you.

    Daniel Adolfo
    Daneson Enterprises
    Cebu City
    Email: danjr.jovi@yahoo.com

  44. Daniel Adolfo says:

    Good day,

    Just to ask for calamansi fruit suppliers.

    If you give list and its contact numbers/cell, as well as email address if any, please provide.

    I need calamansi supplier for your info.

    Hoping for your kind response.

    Thank you.

    Truly yours,

    Daniel Adolfo
    Daneson Enterprises
    Basak Pardo, Cebu City

  45. Mochinaga Celia says:

    Hello,I just viewed this website bec,I am researching a Kalamansi producers in the Philippines,particularly the powderized one,I knew you have a link with the Filipino farmers or producer,please reply me and I would like to ask the quotation and posibilities for exporting it.
    Thank you very much looking forward for your reply.
    More Power and God Bless!


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