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  1. hi to everyone

    can i ask where factory company calamansi juice in manila,distri.
    pls feedback me because my husband want to see and plan to bussiness for calamansi.

  2. Jerico says:

    We produce Calamansi juice and puree here in General Santos City.
    My contact no. 0932-5527976

  3. Walter Santiago says:

    hello! we have 4 hectares of calamansi.. anyone need a supplier? im from nueva ecija.. i can supply all year round minimum of 50 sacks(30kg/sacks) everyday all over neighboring provinces.. please email me Chelter_08@yahoo.com

  4. Chichi says:

    Hi I’m a home-baker and i’m need calamansi puree (even frozen). . do you supply per kilo ? please contact me 09175310210 / jenllorca@yahoo.com Thank you so much

  5. nanz lontoc says:


    i’m looking the supplier of freshly squeeze calamansi extract frozen. please e mail me at mondeltrading yahoo.com


  6. Raul says:

    PLATFOM K CEBU nee calamansi concentrate. Can u send me a proposal and pictures?

  7. anthony says:

    Hi, we are searching for a good supplier of calamansi juice, because we are planning to put a business in manila. pls contact me.. 09052037179

  8. shine says:

    im looking for calamansi extract juice. plz contact me 0915 319 3125 shine

  9. vanessa leah nicopior says:


    I am helping small farmers of Sta Josefa, Agusan del Sur to sold their calamansi. If anyone is interested, please send me a message in my email address:vanessaleahnicopior@gmail.com

    • Calvin Paclipan says:

      I am interested on your offer. I have around 3,500trees and counting. Soon will be in commercial harvest this year. Do contact me if you we can make a deal@ 0932-6611977.


  10. Thela says:

    Hi contact me 09362222055 i can supply you with your demand n calamansi. At very low price. Only 5php per kilo.

  11. Thela says:

    Hi sam, contact me 09362222055 i can supply you with your demand n calamansi. At very low price. Only 5php per kilo.

  12. Lewis Medina says:

    Hi there looking for calamansi concentrate supplier, near Q.C./ BATAAN or PAMPANGA.

  13. Paolo Basilan says:


    Anyone, any interested buyers for kalamansi in kilos/tons

    Contact me:

  14. Paolo Basilan says:

    Hi Anyone interested buyers for kalamansi for 2 tons or less

  15. junnel duluguin says:

    hi, im looking for calamansi to import Canada. Does anyone have a plantation acreage atleast 7.41 acre or 3 hectares that could supply continuously as a business partner. If you are interested just email me to discuss this matter. thank you.

  16. Honey Madrona says:

    good day…. anyone knows where to buy calamansi seedlings in mindoro? please comment… thanks..

  17. affajji stone says:

    does anyone know the ratio of calamansi count per kilo? i would really appreciate it your prompt response. tnx

  18. Nephi dela cerna says:

    Hello everyone;

    For sale Pure kalamansi syrup 150/ liter.
    And i am looking for a sure buyer of kalamansi.i have
    a 1 hectare farm from mindanao. Just tell me
    Your price.and i will deliver.

    Thank you;

    Here my info. nephidelacerna@yahoo.com

    Contact no. 09425581777

  19. jerah says:

    We sell our 1 hectare land of kalamansi,,,,, is there anyone interested,,,,,,, it is located in tarlac……..

    contact me at my no.# 09103078832

  20. Olaf K├╝rschner says:

    we are looking for a fresh Calamansi Exporter with Global Gap Certificat.
    Destination Europe.

  21. Giovanni says:

    Is there a calamansi supplier near Cagayan de Oro city?

  22. goshen says:


    Calamansi seedlings available. Pls contact me at 09199820291

  23. Rhona aquino says:

    Hi im from pangasinan looking for calamansi buyers.09753541673

  24. We need CALAMANSI POWDER or PUREE, suppliers. if there’s anybody who has a processing plant in Metro-Manila or in CALABARZON that we can visit.We need big volume of this type of CALAMANSI POWDER and Puree.

  25. mike aguilar says:

    hai,, meron po akong malawak na taniman ng calamansi frm ilocos sur..nais ko pong humanap ng buyer..tex nyo lang po ako sa number ko 09187785031…

  26. Josie Campos says:

    We have calamansi plantation here in Dinalupihan , Bataan. We are looking for buyers!
    Please contact me at 047-252-2666 or 09189225860.
    Thank you

  27. Rich Uy says:

    Hi! I have a calamansi farm in Camarines Sur and I’m looking for a buyer. You can contact me on my mobile 09164066093 or you can send me an email at richelieuuy@yahoo.com Thank you.

  28. Calvin Paclipan says:

    hello Anyone, any interested buyers for kalamansi in volume

    • JJ Encarnacion says:

      Hi sir. do you still have calamansi? how much? weekly requirement 5 to 10 tons.

      • Calvin Paclipan says:

        Im expecting a commercial havest this year of my calamansi of 3,500trees and counting. Please do contact me if you are still interested. We can make a deal. I’m located at Mindanao.


  29. Rudy Santos says:

    Good day eveyone. I have a calamansi farm here in Nueva Ecija… I’m looking for buyers. You may email me at rudybsantos20@gmail.com

  30. Bianca says:

    Hi all!

    We have a calamansi farm in Negros Occidental. Any interested buyers please contact me at biancanicole14@yahoo.com

  31. mercidita hilario says:

    Can you also supply good quality trees of calamansi?

    • reggie remendado says:

      hi, we do sell budded calamansi seedlings.if you’re interested, please contact us through these #’s: 0909246416 or 09487060710.thanks.

  32. jhan says:

    Helo there calamansi farmers. i have a calamansi farm and soon it will give many fruits im looking for a DIRECT BUYER …probably this end of July. Supplies good quality calamansi whole year round. any buyer please contact me at my number 09354549674..thank you

  33. Ellen says:

    Hi! We have a 2-hectare calamansi farm in Nueva Ecija ready to supply good quality calamansi year round. Any buyer please contact me on my email calamansi1@outlook.com Thank you.

    • JK Yang says:

      Hello Ellen,
      I’m JK Yang and live in South Korea.
      I’m a big fan of Calamansi and planning to visit the philippines end of this year. Do you mind if I tour your farm?
      Please reply to my email address( hedeo85@gmail.com)

      • mr.li says:

        i am mr.li of rosario batangas and i have 28hectares of calamansi farm..i used to buy and sell calamansi. different market place in batangas especially in divisoria manila.. Rosario batangas produced the best quality of calamansi as conpared to other provinces, as one said, “calamansi in batangas has sharp citrusness and tastes best.” If anybody here is interested for the best quality calamansi in the philippines,its my pleasure to serve and distribute u.. Just contact me at 09298036179 , 09998113986

        • Cita A. Hamoy says:

          Hi Mr. Li, I’m planning to plant calamansi in Laguna, I have a 5 hectares of land. How can i buy and how much is your seedlings. And after planting how many months i can harbest. Thanks and God bless

  34. Ellen says:

    Hi! We have a 2-hectare calamansi farm in Nueva Ecija ready to supply good quality calamansi year round. Any buyer please contact me on my email. Thank you.

    • Camille Sadueste says:

      I need CALAMANSI DIRECT SUPPLIER . please contact me to this number , 09179847898.. thank you.
      I need a quick response near manila area .

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