2nd LSFM Regional Training Workshop

Second LSFM Regional Training Workshop entitled “Complying with market requirements on Food Safety and Product Quality,” January 19-23, 2009 in Monoreach Angkor Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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AsiaDHRRA launches new 2 year project on linking small farmers to market

AsiaDHRRA with funding support from ASEAN Foundation is gearing up for the full launch of the 2 year regional project “Linking Small Farmers to Market” (LSFM) in the three pilot countries namely, Philippines,Cambodia and Vietnam.  Mr. Nonoy Villas, filipino and a veteran manager of several national and regional NGO projects will serve as the project coordinator of LSFM.


The fast pace of agricultural trade liberalization and the opening up of various market offers both threat and opportunity for small farmers in Asia.In the liberalized market, small farmers and agricultural producers are unable to maximize the benefits of their production efforts.The income derived from farming is low because they are unable to benefit from the price differential that happens after their produce leaves the farm and reaches the consumers. Moreover, Various studies have already shown that most small farmers have lost their livelihoods due to the influx of cheap agricultural product from other countries.However, there are also successful cases where farmers with appropriate support were able to capture opportunities in the liberalized market.

This project will focus on building the capacity of women and men leaders of small farmers’ organization and cooperatives together with their partner NGOs/agri-agencies to respond to agricultural marketing issues confronted by small farmers and producers. It shall also undertake the formation of marketing intermediation mechanisms that will link small farmers to the market to lessen the transaction cost and increase the benefit of the small farmers in the process of engaging with the market.
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Empowering and Engaging Rural People with the Market: AsiaDHRRA Experience

As a regional network, the most significant contribution of AsiaDHRRA is the formation of a regional federation of farmers – the Asian Farmers’Association for Sustainable Rural Development or AFA, a regional alliance of farmer federations and organizations in ten Asian countries, representing 9 million farmers. Established in May 2002, its formation was a fruit of a three-year five Farmers’ Exchange Visits (FEVs) organized by AsiaDHRRA.The farmers’ exchange visits focused on sustainable production technology, trading and marketing as well as in federation building. In July 2006, in partnership with AFA, AsiaDHRRA organized another farmer exchange visit focusing on pro-small farmer marketing system. The exchange visit looked into various direct producer – consumer marketing arrangements in Japan.

The network also conducted studies on alternative agricultural trading and marketing initiatives. Five good practices on marketing from four countries and one at the regional level was chosen to highlight workable features of alternative agricultural marketing model. The first draft was presented during a parallel forum with the WTO in Hongkong last December 2005.

The network together with its strategic PO partner AFA, also launched series of in-country consultations and campaigns on fairer and just agricultural trade thru posters, issue papers, signature campaign, workshops. A Regional workshop among farmers, NGOs and government trade negotiators on Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) was also undertaken to provide venue for farmer and NGO leaders to influence country representatives to WTO on issues related to food sovereignty, fairer and just agricultural trade.

AsiaDHRRA also mobilized its DHRRA members to share country experiences in joining WTO (particularly the impact of their accession to WTO to farmers) to other DHRRA members and partners in Vietnam and Cambodia – both applying for membership to WTO.

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Initiatives on Linking Small Farmers to the Market

Lany V. Rebagay, AsiaDHRRA program officer presented a paper o­n “Empowering and Engaging Rural People with the Market” in a seminar workshop sponsored by FAO and hosted by VECO last May 8-12, 2006 in Bali, Indonesia.

The seminar was attended by about 50 participants representing various NGOs, development groups, market players and actors, and support service sectors coming from the different parts of Southeast Asia. The four-day program recognized the &emerging roles for NGOs, farmer groups, and the farmers themselves vis-à-vis current market requirements. There was a growing consensus among the participants that NGOs should focus on capturing and packaging appropriate market information that will guide farmers in making important decisions related to production and marketing. They also emphasized the need for establishing cooperation with the academe in assessing marketing channels particularly in identifying how the risks and benefits are shared within the supply chain.

To push forward the efforts of linking small farmers to the market, AsiaDHRRA is currently exploring cooperation with partners in mapping of existing marketing initiatives in the region and in countries particularly in southeast Asia. In partnership with AFA, an inventory of existing marketing efforts is being undertaken as an input for developing a more coordinated marketing effort among the farmers in the region. The inventory was presented during the Farmer exchange visit in Japan o­n July 3-10, 2006.

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