On July 28-July 2, 2009, AsiaDHRRA co‐hosted by the Philippines Partnership for the Development of Human Resource held the Third Regional Training Workshop entitled “The importance of commodity‐based associations of small producers in addressing competitiveness and for successful market engagements” under the Linking Small Farmers Project (LSFM) supported by the ASEAN Foundation and the World Rural Forum.

This training workshop is designed towards generating deeper understanding of the marketing and importance of commodity-based associations of small producers. More importantly, this training workshop is envisioned to facilitate the stage of forming structures and mechanism that will facilitate the productive, successful and sustainable engagement of small farmers with markets.

This training workshop is the third of a series of programmatic training workshops at the regional level. In the three (3) pilot countries, there are also at least five (5) training workshops tailored to the realities of each country are being implemented.

AsiaDHRRA is implementing an ASEAN Foundation-funded project entitled “Linking Small Farmers to Market” in an effort to establish a pilot model that if given a favourable policy environment, provided with necessary support, small farmers are able to benefit higher prices of their agricultural produce and become more competitive in the market.

Click here to visit the Third LSFM RTW Activity Blog for the proceedings, presentations and other downloads…

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